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  1. Press "Ctrl + D" on your keyboard to save or bookmark this tool for future use.
  2. Add this widget to your website or page. Click here for code.
  3. It may take several seconds to several minutes if the files are large or numerous or large size various files.

Here on this page, convert WebP file to PNG in bulk and free of cost. This is a .webp to png converter.

How to convert WebP to PNG?

It is quite easy to convert webp to png file. Follow some simple steps to get convert webp to png bulk.
  1. First you have to visit aviftopng.org
  2. Click on WebP to PNG link on the top of the page.
  3. Use this tool as your need.

How to change WebP to PNG free of cost and in bulk?

  1. You will see 'choose files' option, click on it.
  2. You can select one or more than one file or bulk files at a time.
  3. Click on convert WebP to PNG
  4. You will see all of your files or converted images.
  5. Finally you will see two options. Reset and Download Zip.
  6. Click on Download Zip and it will download all of your converted files in zip folder.
  7. Click on reset button you need more.


This tool may work very slow if you are going to convert a huge amount of photos or pictuers like 1000+. Also, this tool may not work if you are converting very large file in size.